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Warren 21 - Located within the Warren East in Wichita,KS

Welcome to Warren 21 - a Theatre within a Theatre!

Warren Theatres have always been at the forefront of luxury, comfort and innovation and now we bring these elements to a superior level.

Enter through the Golden Doors to a new world of motion picture entertainment for the discriminating adult movie-goer. Mega-luxury appointments include private lobby and rest room areas, exclusive concession, bar and food service with unique food and drink offerings - without the disruption of wait service. The auditoriums feature the industry's most comfortable powered and heated recliner seats with each seat offering two arms rests - no sharing required to define your own private space.

All motion pictures are presented with the WAVE® - The Warren Audio Video Experience - State of the art digital projection and 7.1 sound for the very best movie experience!

This is Warren 21!

How does Warren 21 work?

  1. Get your reserved seating tickets online or at the Warren East ticket office. Please have your photo IDs ready as all patrons must be 21 or older.
  2. Once your tickets are purchased and you arrive to the Warren East, you will be directed to the Warren 21 entrance. For Warren 21 patrons who wish to order food, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to show time. Photo IDs will be checked at the Warren 21 entrance.
  3. In the Warren 21 lobby, you will notice a newly remodeled concession stand that offers you traditional movie going snacks, but also offers a variety of adult beverages and made to order food items. Guests who opt for freshly made food items will be given a pager. Once your food is ready to be picked up we will light up your pager to let you know. You will then pick up your order at the concession stand (the side near the auditoriums) when you return the pager.
  4. The auditoriums of Warren 21 feature the most luxurious custom electric recliners made for your movie going experience. Each recliner has two buttons for heating and two buttons for reclining on the inside of the right armrest. The front two red buttons control the heating - the very front button controls the heat to your back and the back button controls the seat. Each heater has three settings, high (very bright glow), low (dimmer glow), and off (very dim glow). Push the button to achieve the heat level of your preference. Towards the back of the armrest from the seat heater buttons is an oval shaped ring. This is where the buttons are for controlling the reclining of your seat - please utilize the buttons to position your seat to your desired angle.
  5. To help make the experience more enjoyable, every luxury recliner also comes equipped with a table for you to utilize.
  6. Please finish your adult beverage before leaving, as alcohol is not permitted outside of Warren 21.
  7. Thank you, and enjoy the show!

Warren 21

Showtimes for Warren 21
Wichita, Kansas

Baby Driver
WARREN 21 4:15p - 7:10p - 10:00p
WARREN 21 3:15p - 6:10p - 9:00p
Girls Trip
WARREN 21 3:20p - 6:20p - 9:30p
House, The
WARREN 21 4:20p - 6:50p - 9:20p
War for the Planet of the Apes (2D)
WARREN 21 3:00p - 3:20p - 6:15p - 6:45p - 9:40p - 10:00p
Wish Upon
WARREN 21 4:50p - 7:30p - 10:10p