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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where can I get information regarding Warren Theatre donations for my event?
General Information:
Where is the Warren Theatre located?
The Warren Theatres are located in Kansas and Oklahoma. Here are the Warren Locations:
Kansas Locations
Warren East
11611 E 13th St
Wichita, KS

West Warren
9150 W 21st St
Wichita, KS

OldTown Warren
353 N Mead
Wichita, KS
Oklahoma Locations
Moore Warren
1000 Telephone Rd
What time does the Warren Theatre open?
The Warren Theatres open 30 minutes before the first show starts. The open time for each theatre is displayed at the top of the daily showtimes pages. Due to fluctuations in movies and show schedules, this time varies day to day and from theatre to theatre.
Tell me about Warren Gift Certificates.
Warren Gift certificates are the perfect gift for any occasion. They are $10 each and can be used at any Warren Theatre location. Use your Warren Gift Certificates on tickets, concessions and food in our restaurants. They can be used at any time! For more information about Warren Gift Certificates, please visit our Gift Certificates section.
What is THX?
THX is a set of standards developed by George Lucas and Lucasfilm LTD to ensure the best movie experience possible. These standards include equipment optimization, projection viewing angles, etc. Because of the high costs involved with THX certification, very few movie theatres are THX certified. Visit the THX website for more information about THX.
What is a Cry Room?
A Cry Room is a room in the back of a theatre for customers with small children, where you you can sit and watch your movie, and not have to worry about distracting other customers. The Cry Room is equipped with its own sound system. Movies showing in auditoriums with a Cry Room are listed in the showtimes pages.
How do I get a job at the Warren?
Visit our Jobs section for information regarding employment at Warren Theatres.
I want to call the Warren and talk to a person. Is there any way to do this?
Yes, each Warren Theatre has a "Customer Service Line." To speak with a manager, call this number. You may have to leave a message, but a manager will call you back as soon as possible. Here are the customer service line numbers:

Kansas Locations
Warren East - (316) 612-1672
Warren West - (316) 722-7967
OldTown Warren - (316) 262-7123
Oklahoma Locations
Moore Warren - (405) 735-9676
Broken Arrow Warren - (918) 893-3545
How early should I arrive at the Warren to see my movie?
Due to the fact that many shows often sell out, it is wise to arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before your show is to start.
Can I write a check for my purchase?
No, we do not accept personal checks. Warren Theatres does accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard for all purchases
Which credit cards does the Warren Theatre accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for tickets, concessions, food and gift certificate purchases.
What is the Warren Theatre's policy on electronic cigarettes?
In addition to being a no-smoking facility, the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited at all Warren Theatres locations.
What is the Rated "R" Policy?

You must be 17 years of age (proof required) to see a rated "R" feature. You must also be 17 (proof required) to buy a ticket for a rated "R" feature.

If you are not 17, you must be accompanied by YOUR parent or parents, and YOUR parent or parents must remain with you throughout the entire feature.

  • Older brothers or sisters who are 17+ cannot take their under 17 siblings to see a Rated R feature.
  • Parents can only take their own child or children to a rated "R" feature.

Movies, Showtimes, Tickets and Pricing:
How much are tickets?
Ticket prices vary by location, and are listed on each Warren Theatre's information page.
What is the telephone number for movie information and showtimes?
Kansas Locations
Warren East - (316) 691-9700
Warren West - (316) 691-9700
OldTown Warren - (316) 691-9700
Oklahoma Locations
Moore Warren - (405) 703-3777
Broken Arrow Warren - (918) 893-9798
Can I buy my tickets online?
Yes! Warren Theatres is excited to offer the ability to purchase your tickets online. Please note that there is a $1.50 fee per ticket for using this service. Bring your confirmation printout/email with you to the Warren Theatre to pick up your reserved tickets at the box office or automated kiosk. Balcony and Director's Suite tickets can now be purchased online!
Where do I pick up my reserved tickets?
Present your credit card at the theatre Box Office to pick up your reserved tickets. Be sure to present the same credit card you used on the phone, or over the internet.
Can I buy tickets for one Warren Theatre at a different Warren location?
No, you can only buy tickets for a specific theatre, at that theatre.
Does the Warren accept Fandango Gift Cards?
No, we are not affiliated with Fandango and do not accept their gift cards for purchases.
How can I find out about new movies the Warren will be showing?
Visit our Coming Soon section for upcoming releases. We have a general idea of what movies will be playing, but we are unable to be sure about any particular movie until the Tuesday before the new movies open. Showtimes are updated on every Tuesday by 5pm.
Why isn't the Warren playing a particular movie?
Some movies are only available on a limited basis. Warren Theatres always tries to provide a wide variety of movie choices. Please let us know which movie you want to see, and we will do our best to get it to an area near you.
When can I buy advanced tickets?
Advanced tickets for new movies are usually available on Tuesdays by 5:00pm. For movies opening on days other than Fridays, this can vary.
When are showtimes available on
Showtime information is updated on every Tuesday by 5pm.
What are the ticket prices for 3-D movies?
Warren Theatres is proud to bring our customers select films in Digital 3-D. Because these shows are special engagement shows and the equipment to display the 3-D film is very expensive, tickets for 3-D shows cost an additional $3.00 per ticket. In addition, no passes/vips/discounts will be accepted for these shows.
Children 2 and under are free as long as they do not occupy a seat for general seating only. This does not include 3-D or IMAX films. Children 2 and under wanting 3-D glasses will be charged a childs price.
Balcony and Restaurant:
What is the Balcony?
The Balcony is an area in certain auditoriums that is reserved for guests 21 years and older. The Balcony overlooks the Grand Auditorium and features a clear view of the Warren's largest screens. The Balcony offers plush, oversized, heated seats and at-your-table service from a professional wait staff. Balcony patrons can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks, including adult beverages if they prefer.
Visit our Balcony section to learn more about the Warren Theatre Balcony.
How much are Balcony tickets?
Tickets for the Balcony are $12.00 each for all shows before 6pm, and $18.00 each for all shows 6pm and later. (Add $3.00 for 3-D movies.)
Does the Balcony ticket include food and/or drinks?
No, the ticket price is separate from food and beverage purchases. The Balcony offers plush, oversized, heated seats and at-your-table service from a professional wait staff. The Balcony overlooks the Grand Auditorium and features a clear view of the Warren's largest screens.
How do I get Balcony tickets?
Balcony tickets can be purchased in person at the Theatre Box office, or they can be reserved online. Please check the specific theatre location's page for online purchasing information. VIP tickets cannot be used for Balcony shows.
When does the Diner/Canteen open?
The Diner/Canteen hours vary by location depending on the season, and depending on movie schedules. Hours are displayed in the Diner/Canteen specific pages on this website.
Can I take my Canteen/Diner food into the theatre?
Yes! At all Warren locations, you can order your food and ice cream to go and take it with you to watch your movie. Please remember that outside food and drink are not permitted.
Can I bring my own food and drink?
For safety, health and insurance reasons, outside food and drink are not permitted.
Balcony seats are reserved seats. What does that mean?
When you buy your Balcony tickets, you are reserving specific seats. This allows our Balcony patrons to arrive at their own convenience - no waiting in lines to find the best seat. You know exactly where your seats are, and you know that they will be there when you arrive to the theatre because they are reserved... no on else has your seats!

The Balcony overlooks the Grand Auditorium and features a clear view of the Warren's largest screens. The Balcony offers plush, oversized, heated seats and at-your-table service from a professional wait staff. Balcony patrons can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks, including adult beverages if they prefer.

Balcony tickets cannot be reserved over the phone. VIP tickets cannot be used for Balcony shows.
What do I do if there is an error with the website?
Use the contact form to notify the webmaster. Please include as much information about the error as possible

Contact Information

Broken Arrow Warren - Broken Arrow, OK
Movie Information: (918) 893-9798
Customer Service: (918) 893-3545
Diner: (918) 893-2741
Fax: (918) 893-2411
Moore Warren - Moore, OK
Movie Information: (405) 703-3777
Customer Service: (405) 735-9676
Diner: (405) 735-9686
Fax: (405) 735-9674
Warren East - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 612-1672
Diner: (316) 612-0953
Fax: (316) 612-1697
Warren West - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 722-7967
Hollywood Canteen: (316) 729-7596
Fax: (316) 722-2833
OldTown Warren - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 262-7123
Fax: (316) 262-9105
Warren Theatres Corporate - Wichita, KS
Corporate Office: (316) 685-3773
Fax (Accounting): (316) 685-1807
Fax (Other): (316) 440-2649