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Advanced tickets are now available for Fifty Shades of Grey. Please visit the movie page for showtime information. Advanced showtimes are also available on individual theatre pages.

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Donation Request Info

Every year, we are contacted for donations by literally hundreds of individuals and charitable organizations. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor all these requests, even though they each represent a worthy cause. Because we'd like to make a difference rather than just a token contribution, we have selected a few specific organizations to give all our support to over the next few years. We know you're trying to make a difference as well and we wish you the best in your continuing efforts to make our community a better place to live.

Contact Information

Broken Arrow Warren - Broken Arrow, OK
Movie Information: (918) 893-9798
Customer Service: (918) 893-3545
Diner: (918) 893-2741
Fax: (918) 893-2411
Moore Warren - Moore, OK
Movie Information: (405) 703-3777
Customer Service: (405) 735-9676
Diner: (405) 735-9686
Fax: (405) 735-9674
13th Avenue Warren - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 612-1672
Diner: (316) 612-0953
Fax: (316) 612-1697
21st Street Warren - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 722-7967
Hollywood Canteen: (316) 729-7596
Fax: (316) 722-2833
OldTown Warren - Wichita, KS
Movie Information: (316) 691-9700
Customer Service: (316) 262-7123
Fax: (316) 262-9105
Warren Theatres Corporate - Wichita, KS
Corporate Office: (316) 685-3773
Fax (Accounting): (316) 685-1807
Fax (Other): (316) 440-2649